Man streams own police chase on Facebook Live

PASADENA, Texas – In the live Facebook video, he's smiling and saying goodbye.

"I'm gone forever, man," Erasmo Hernandez said in the video.

For Hernandez, it appears to be a quite the joy ride.

With police hot on his tail and sirens screaming behind him, Hernandez took to Facebook on Thursday, giving his friends a front-row seat to his high-speed getaway.

"They initiated a traffic stop and he fled the scene," said Jessica Ramirez with Pasadena Police.

Ramirez says the incident started with a narcotics search warrant being served at Hernandez's home -- a search for which he apparently didn't want to stick around.

[WATCH: Facebook Live chase]

So he led police on a 30-minute chase from Pasadena to southeast Houston, and the 35-year-old decided to share his escape with the world.

"It's not something I've seen in my career here in law enforcement, however, it's the sign of the times. Everyone posts everything on social media nowadays," Ramirez said.

Police said the suspect's Hyundai Sonata had a flat tire about 20 minutes in, which made it difficult to go much further.

And in his mug shot, Hernandez seems to be a little less enthusiastic about the road ahead.

Hernandez is facing charges of felon in possession of a weapon and evading arrest.

Ramirez said the live Facebook video can be used against him in court.