Girl, 12, says 2 men in van tried to abduct her in Baytown

BAYTOWN, Texas – A 12-year-old girl said two men tried to coax get her into their van during an attempted abduction in Baytown.

Wendi Johnson had just gotten her three kids home from school Monday. She sent her 12-year-old daughter to throw some trash in the apartment dumpster while she disarmed her apartment's burglar alarm.

In the few seconds Johnson's back was turned, two men pulled up to her daughter and tried to get her into their van.

"He was like, 'Do you want some candy?' And I said, 'No I'm good.' And then the man in the passenger side started unbuckling his seat belt and then, when I took off running, they drove off," Bailey Johnson said.

"She came running inside, slammed the door, and locked it, and she was hysterical," Wendi Johnson said.

She ran back to the parking lot and saw the van turn a corner, but it was too late to get a license number.

The van is described as an older model painted white with three green stripes painted along the sides.

Bailey said she could see a wheelchair inside the van with a handicapped sticker attached to it.

Baytown police searched for the van Monday afternoon, but didn't turn up anything. Bailey is still frightened.

"I'm scared because what if they come back?" she said.

Bailey described both men as Caucasian. The driver was heavy-set with gray hair, while the passenger was thin with brown hair.

Anyone with information is asked to call Baytown police or Baytown Crime Stoppers at 281-427-8477.