Restaurant Report Card: Ice, food unsafe for human consumption found in restaurants

HOUSTON – Crisp, clean, ice. 

You don’t ask for it; you expect it whenever you order a cold drink.

But at Tia Maria’s, which is located at  4618 Dacoma Street, the Houston Health Department condemned a whopping 1,000 pounds of ice after ruling it was “unsafe for human consumption."

The problem was a gooey mixture of yellow and black slime.

The ice was thrown out, and the machine was thoroughly cleaned.

Inspectors discovered a big problem with the ribs, chicken and potatoes at Thomas Bar-B-Que, located on the North Loop.

Thirteen pounds of that food was found to be “unsafe for human consumption” because of temperature issues.
All of that food was condemned.

Roach problems were the subject of concern at the New Nurani BBQ on Bellaire Avenue.

Here inspectors spotted live cockroaches on the floor near the freezer and dead cockroaches in the cheese and on top of the dough.

That restaurant has been ordered to be re-inspected.

Speaking of roaches, at Frenchy’s at 15205 Westheimer Road, inspectors discovered roaches living inside a part of the wall.

Managers there were ordered to take effective measures to eliminate the roaches.

Dead or alive, roaches are gross and a problem, and are not allowed. At La Carreta Mexican Restaurant on East 20th Street, health officials found dead cockroaches under the kitchen sink and inside the freezer.

And this week we congratulate the folks at Krisp Bird And Batter on Richmond Road.
They earn our A-Plus Award for getting a perfect restaurant inspection report.