Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls considering run for Congress in 2018

He's the top cop in Fort Bend County.

Sheriff Troy Nehls, in his second term as sheriff, is set to be in office through 2020, but a new possibility could put someone new behind this desk come next year.

"I have formed an exploratory committee because I am seriously considering running for Congress in 2018," Sheriff Troy Nehls said.

It's the 2018 Election for Texas's 22nd Congressional District he's talking about. The seat has been held by Congressman Pete Olson since 2008.

Nehls sent out a tweet Wednesday morning to announce his committee.

That decision just to run would force Nehls out of his current role.

"It would be very difficult, very difficult," Nehls said. "Then I would have to resign my position as sheriff."

In the past, Nehls has not been hesitant to express his frustrations with previous administration's handling of immigration.

"Quite honestly I think it's shameful that they aren't doing everything they can to protect the American people," Nehls said in a Jan. 26 press conference.

In the press conference, he announced the arrest of 17 undocumented immigrants from Columbia, who he says were tied to nearly 50 home burglaries in Fort Bend County.

"Yet they continue to find their way back here and commit crimes," Nehls said in the press conference.

Nehls says right now, it's just a thought. But if he does decide to throw his name in on the Republican ticket, it may just be his newest calling to public service.

"I enjoy what I do, but I also believe that there are other things out there," Nehls said.

A spokesperson for the Olson campaign has released a statement:

Olson campaign spokesman Chris Homan said, "We are aware Troy is interested in abandoning his responsibilities as Sheriff weeks after being elected to serve Fort Bend. Right now, Pete is focused on helping President Trump pass a bold, conservative agenda to secure our borders, strengthen our military, repeal Obamacare, and unleash the American economy to create good paying jobs for our hard-working families. That will remain his focus."