Family of slain Spring woman worried after accused killer returns to home

SPRING, Texas – It's been nearly a month since Ana Weed was shot to death in front of her home in Spring.

Her accused killer is back in his home, right next door to where Weed's husband still lives.

Hector Campos is giving a one-on-one interview to "Dr. Phil" on KPRC at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Weed's family says Campos should still be in jail.

For nearly a month, the family of Weed has tried to understand why she is gone.

The mother, and grandmother, was shot to death in front of her home Jan. 24.

Campos is now charged with murder, but is free on $50,000 bond. Witnesses said Campos shot and killed Weed.

"He has an ankle bracelet. Doesn't mean he can't take it off. Go to Mexico. Go wherever. He can get a gun. ... He can get a bat," Weed's brother Arnold Aldrete said. "I can't believe my sister's gone."

Weed's family members are also concerned that Campos may hurt Weed's mother, who lives only four blocks away.

Prosecutors say Campos shot Weed to death as she recovered from invasive neck surgery.

"I want to see him go to jail. I want to see his bond raised high enough that he'll have to spend time in jail. The guy's a free man. It's not fair. It's not right. He needs to be in jail," said Weed's brother-in-law, Brandon Weed.

Attorney Charles Johnson represents Weed's family.

He would have also liked a higher bond, but believes little can be done at this point unless Campos violates the terms of his release.

"I think that based upon Mr. Campos' contacts in Mexico, along the border and that sort of thing, some consideration could have been given to that," Johnson said.