Band's enema performance leaves fundraiser crowd, bar owner in disbelief

HOUSTON – "It was disgusting, it was a health hazard," Mariana Lemesoff, owner of AvantGarden, said.

Still in shock over a performance from days ago, Lemesoff said there's now one band in town permanently banned from her place.

The incident happened last Friday during a cancer fundraising event when Lemesoff says Sonic Rabbit Hole, a pair of performance artists, took the stage and one attempted to give the other an enema.

"Everybody at that point was really shocked and then he proceeded to defecate on the stage and splatter feces everywhere," Lemesoff said.

"This is my art. When I get an idea, I don't compromise my idea. I do it whether it's a cancer benefit or where we could get away with whatever," Michael Clemmons, Sonic Rabbit Hole, said.

The band insists it was a failed enema bag that burst during their bit, and there was never any fecal matter involved.

"It was a protein shake that had leaked from the bag and the hose," Clemmons said.

The bar staff escorted the band out and police were called out to investigate.

"What I did is not all that out-there. This is nothing, literally. I don't understand why I'm getting the attention for this," Clemmons said.

Regardless of anyone's perspective of the show, it was enough to clear out the business -- which had to shut down early.

It also left behind a cleanup that lasted hours.

"There has to be a line where if it is an assault, then it can't be art," Lemesoff said.