Living on a budget with babies: How to buy the most inexpensive diapers

We compared prices and have some shopping secrets to share

HOUSTON – The average family spends about $2,500 on diapers from the time your baby is born he or she is potty-trained. But there are ways you can spend much less.

Consumer expert Amy Davis has two children in diapers. She said she has done her research to find the lowest price for the diapers her family wants to buy.

She said you can save by buying the store brand, stacking coupons or even using cloth diapers.

In a comparison, Davis picked Huggies Little Movers - Size 3. It’s a middle-level disposable diaper.

We compared 6 retailers for prices –, Walmart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Amazon – and adjusted prices to show you the cost per diaper. Davis said that's the same way you should shop -- because as your baby grows, bigger sizes will cost you more.

Here's what we found: Size 3 Huggies were most expensive when we checked on It’s 23 cents a diaper when you sign up for the subscription service where the diapers show up at the same time every month or how often you schedule them.

Costco and Sam’s Club

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