Son runs over, kills mother in Alvin, police say

ALVIN, Texas – Texas City mother 52-year-old Christina Fish had two sons -- one's 16 and the other is 26.

"She was a good mother" to her sons, "a good girl. She did everything she could," Fish's stepfather said.

But police say that life she dedicated to her boys was taken by one of them at a home in Alvin on Thursday.

"He slammed her against the wall with his truck," the stepfather said.

26-year-old Matthew Fish has been arrested for allegedly killing his mother with his truck. Her stepfather says the two got along great until recently.

"They were close, real close, until this girl came into his life. And about four or five months (after) she came into his life, he just turned a different person," he said.

The stepfather says Matthew Fish threatened his mother's life in December.

"Back in December sometime, she went over there to visit, to give him some money or something. He pulled a gun on her, and told her to never come back, put a gun to her head and said he was going to kill her," the stepfather said.

Neighbors say they had always seen the son outside the mother's home working on his boat, but not in the past few months.

"It surprised me, I believe he's not the kind of boy to do that," German Irizarry said.

But with his stepdaughter gone, and her son charged with her death, this stepfather says his family has been torn apart.

"It's hard to believe that somebody could kill your parents," the ste-father said.

Matthew Fish has been charged with aggravated assault, causing serious bodily injury. He has bonded out of jail.