60 New Orleans homes destroyed by tornado

The cleanup along Laine Street in New Orleans East won't happen as quickly as the storm that blew through here Tuesday.

One witness told KPRC 2, "It was going by so fast.  I went through the hurricane, Katrina.  But this thing it was unreal. I don't know I'm still-I'm still lucky to be alive."

Some homes and businesses are heavily damaged. A few homes located just streets away were destroyed. 

Most buildings in the area were without power Wednesday.

The majority of the homes in this neighborhood were once flooded by Hurricane Katrina. Homeowner Milton Wallace said, "Before you knew it, I heard a loud noise. I said, 'Baby, that don't sound natural.'  She said, 'That's a tornado!'  So we jumped up and ran.  Got my daughter and got in the hallway."

When Wallace and his family came outside, they found Lady Huck A Buck’s food truck on its top. 

The weight of the refrigerators, freezers and stainless steel tables could not resist the windsm which reached speeds of  up to 135 miles an hour. 

Truck Owner Gwendolyn Wallace said, "How did it happen?  How did that pick it up, roll it- how did that happen?  To change a tire on that truck, you need a heavy duty rolling jack.  To lift that truck, you can't use any jack."

Wallace's rolling business of seven years was upside-down. 

Her family in Houston keeps calling to check on her.  She said, “I'm OK. God is good. This is stuff. Katrina taught us all, stuff is nothing but stuff. We got each other. Rebuild and come back again."

Officials in New Orleans said there were no deaths, or major injuries.  They said that about 60 homes in New Orleans East were destroyed.