Locals share concerns over border plan

HOUSTON – There’s a lot of fear and uncertainty circulating among the people that frequent this diverse nonprofit community center called the Neighborhood Centers Inc. on the heels of President Trump taking office.

The folks here want the city of Houston to remain as inviting as ever and there's fear that could change with the signing of Trump's immigration executive orders Wednesday.

Fidel Deaquino walks to his kindergarten classroom at the Neighborhood Centers Prromise Community School every day with pride.He’s a 23-year-old UT-Austin graduate with 22 students to look after.

“Within my students, seven countries are represented,” Deaquino said.

When Trump took office, Deaquino said many of his students were worried because of the new president’s well-known hard stance on illegal immigration and the border wall.

“There’s fear in general from 7-year-old kids, 6, 7-year-old kids of being thrown out of the country,” Deaquino said.

Deaquino also moved to the United States when he was 3 from Guadalajara, Mexico. He first moved to California and then to Houston.

“I grew up here, I haven’t been back to Mexico at all," Deaquino said.

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