Robber found dead after victim fired shots, police say

HOUSTON – One of the people believed to be responsible for the robbery of a man in his yard was found dead after the victim shot at the robbers, police said.

The robbery was reported about 5:30 a.m. in the 4200 block of North Main Street.

According to Houston police, a 76-year-old man was robbed of his wallet and at least two people fled the scene in a pickup. As the robbers were fleeing, the victim fired shots at them, police said.

The pickup was later found in the 1600 block of Collingsworth Street and the passenger was pronounced dead, police said.

Police said the victim was not injured.

Family members identified the suspect who was killed as Daniel Lopez, 42. They said Lopez had served nine years in prison, but he was trying to turn his life around for his two teenage daughters. 

“He probably went astray hanging around the wrong people,” said Lopez's brother, Fred. “He was having some difficulty adjusting, even though he had some skills -- air-conditioning skills. He was a mechanic.”

Daniel Lopez's parole ended last Thursday.

Police have referred the case to a grand jury for review.

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