Tire flies off Beltway, damages multiple vehicles below

HOUSTON – Drivers on South Post Oak experienced a scary couple of seconds Wednesday when a tire came flying from the Beltway above.

Mike Williams was in his car when it happened and recorded some cellphone video that he shared with KPRC.

It shows a big tire lying in the street with people out of their cars looking at the damage.

"I looked down at my phone, and as soon as I looked up to see if the light was green, I saw a tire coming right at my car," he said. "I thought it was about to hit me in the face."

Williams narrowly missed being hit, but the tire did hit other cars near him.

"It hit the car next to me, bounced in the air and hit the car behind me, hit another van and settled in the street," Williams said.

Witnesses said the tire came from a large semi-truck that had been driving on the Beltway above; it bounced over the side wall and came crashing down onto cars that were parked at the intersection.

Williams told KPRC everyone was shaken up but appeared to be OK, and they're definitely counting their blessings this New Year.

"Everything flashed in front of my eyes as soon as I saw the tire coming towards me," he said. "All I can say is, 'Be safe.'"

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