Armed woman killed by Brazoria County deputies identified

PEARLAND, Texas – It took two days for investigators to identify a woman who was shot and killed by Brazoria County deputies Tuesday.

They combed through surveillance video, and tried to trace a watch she had been wearing, but nothing revealed who she was, until they found an apartment.

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"We obtained a search warrant for this apartment and we found items within the apartment that identified her as the white female," Investigator Andrew Kerstens said.

But that was just the beginning of what would soon become a very puzzling case.

Searching the apartment, investigators identified the woman killed in the Summerwinds Apartment complex parking lot as 71-year-old Judy Hundley.

"She did not go out a lot. She didn't work. She was retired. So she stayed within her apartment to herself pretty much most of the time. Neighbors didn't see her, which made it even more difficult because they didn't realize who she was," Kerstens said.

Investigators said Hundley was shot and killed by deputies after she refused to drop a gun she had been holding, a gun she eventually pointed at officers.

"The only thing they said is that she would not respond to any of their demands," Kerstens said.

They said less than 10 shots were fired, and a stray bullet even struck an unrelated car.

Investigators said they learned that Hundley's gun had been registered to an out-of-town acquaintance.

Hundley is leaving behind a son and daughter. Detectives said they have spoken to her son who is just as confused, saying this was completely out of character.

"He has no indication of why she may have chose(n) to do what she did," Kerstens said.

Investigators said they are waiting on Hundley's autopsy and plan to obtain medical records and speak to other acquaintances. Their goal is to find out why this happened.

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