Child left alone at IAH after flight, parents furious

HOUSTON – It's a holiday trip that left a set of parents furious and demanding answers from United Airlines.

Parents are upset when their 12-year-old daughter was left unattended at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, despite paying extra to have her accompanied at all times.

"I sat on hold with them for 30 minutes and they said, ‘We're calling customer service to see if we can find her’ and I said ‘I know where she is, but you guys don’t and that’s a problem,’” Dana Dunn said.

Dana and Adam Dunn said their daughter was flying from their home in Des Moines, Iowa, to see her grandparents in Houston.

The Dunns said they even paid an extra $300 for the round trip for an "unaccompanied minor program" provided by United Airlines. They said it was supposed to ensure that minors will be escorted pretty much every step of the way from one caregiver’s arms to the airplane, then from the airplane to the receiving caregiver.

But the parents said that didn't happen.

They said their daughter arrived in Houston and the flight attendant who was supposed to be with her left.

It wasn't until a short time later, her grandmother found her sitting in a hallway near the gate alone.

“She goes to the gate, because they allowed her through security, she goes to the gate and opens up these doors and finds the child all by herself. She said 'grandma I'm so happy to see you! I've been here for 15 minutes,” the grandmother said.

United Airlines responding to the family's concern releasing a statement that reads:

"We are committed to providing exceptional service to each of our customers. We are evaluating the circumstances surrounding this matter and will be following up with the customer."

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