White Oak residents raise $7,500 bond to enforce silent nights permanently


HOUSTON – White Oak residents raised a $7,500 bond Monday to ensure silent nights by banning outdoor performances at White Oak music hall.

Houston attorney Cris Feldman said families from three neighborhoods spent their morning raising bond money through a garage and bake sale to stop the developers of White Oak Music Hall and keep their community quiet at night.

This follows after a judge put a temporary restraining order on the music hall Thursday when several lawsuits were filed about outdoor concerts disrupting residents' sleep.

The White Oak residents’ attorney, Cris Feldman, called on Mayor Sylvester Turner to pull the music hall permit for their outdoor stage permanently.

"It is time for the mayor to choose,” Feldman said. "Will he stand with the children who just want a good night's sleep, or with greedy developers, who put an outdoor concert hall in the middle of established working-class neighborhoods?"

Turner has been silent since Thursday’s court ruling.

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