Police asking public to help locate couple's stolen travel trailer

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Police are asking the public to take a close look at surveillance video of a pair of thieves making off with an over $10,000 dollar travel trailer that does not belong to them.

Phillip Armstrong, who had his travel trailer stolen, said, "How can people do that? Just come in and take somebody's stuff."

Anne Armstrong and her husband Phillip are the rightful owners of the pricey trailer that was practically brand new.

The couple had only taken one trip with it to Austin and had just dropped it off at the Country Oak storage facility in NW Harris County last Tuesday.

Just 24 hours later, it was gone.

[WATCH: Stolen travel trailer surveillance video]

Anne Armstrong said, "We bought new tires, we stocked the inside of it. We put a lot of money into it."

In the surveillance video, you can see the thieves trying to access the entry gate.

Seconds later, they're in -- and casing the place, driving around for the perfect steal.

About 15 minutes later, they hitch up and take off with the Armstrong's trailer.

Anne explained, "The video is at our fingertips, I just want to reach through the video and take it back. Especially when you see it driving away."

The couple wants anyone who recognizes these thieves to come forward to help put them behind bars so that they can recover their travel trailer.

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Phillip mentioned, "It was very disappointing, frustrating. It's a brand new purchase."

"Just don't understand how people can steal from other people like that, it's just so blatant," said Anne.

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