Houston prepares for season's first freeze


HOUSTON – Our first big cold front of the season is meandering south from the Red River and arrives on our front door Thursday morning just in time for the commute!

Look for light rain to develop Wednesday night, perhaps as much as a half-inch, with temperatures falling after midnight.

We’ll have 52 on the thermometer then, but 50 by 6 a.m., 48 by noon and 40s through the afternoon.

Factor in a wind advisory with 15-25 mph and the wind chill will be in the mid-30s!

On Thursday night, skies will clear and the wind will calm down, setting the stage for a freeze Friday morning.

We’ll likely have a freeze warning by then, north and west of Houston, as the mercury sinks to the upper 20s from Conroe north and Katy west.

Protect anyone you know, especially older folks and younger folks, let the pets come inside for extra comfort and bring in any tender vegetation — poinsettias, by the way, are not freeze hardy and will die pretty quickly with cold weather.

None of this lasts too terribly long, with a warmer pattern by Saturday afternoon.

The weekend does set up nicely for the revival of Dickens on the Strand in Galveston, which got hammered with rain last weekend.

Friday admission is free and it's only $8 for Saturday entrance, so make plans to enjoy a holiday weekend with a cold spirit to get it started!

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