Brick removal causing a stir in Houston's Fourth Ward

HOUSTON – On Andrews Street in the historic Fourth Ward of Houston, a patch of dirt in place of missing bricks showcases a broken promise.

"I saw that a whole lot of bricks have been removed," says Gladys House-El.

The removal of the bricks, if true, is against what city leaders said would happen.

Let's catch you up on the back story.

The bricks are in historic Freedman's Town -- freed slaves and their descendants laid them after the Civil War.

Last month, contractors wrongly removed some of the bricks while working on a drainage project along Genesee Street, which abuts the bricks in Freedman's Town.

So House-El and other community leaders went to City Hall.

Mayor Sylvester Turner then said no more full bricks would be removed.

If only that were true, says House-El.

"It's just another example of deceptive trade practices in the City of Houston regarding Freedman's Town," says House-El.

House-El recorded a video yesterday morning showing crews at work.

"I went back to check on the site and that's when I realized a lot more bricks have been removed," says House-El.

On Wednesday, Turner addressed the most recent concern, saying workers are not removing more bricks, just working to fix what already had been messed up.

"They have to make a smooth edge. That's the only thing they're doing. And then the archaeologist is out there every single day when they're working," Turner said.