3 people injured in Baytown shooting

BAYTOWN, Texas – Police are investigating a shooting in Baytown on Monday night.

At least three people were shot at a home, and everyone involved is either in custody or at the hospital.

Investigators say the shooting happened around 6:30 p.m. in the 400 block of Williams Avenue.

According to detectives, two men were at the house when two other men pulled up and some sort of argument broke out along with gunfire.

By the time police arrived, all four of the men, said to be in their late teens or early 20s, had left the scene.

Shortly after, police were called out to San Jacinto Hospital, where there were reports of multiple gunshot victims.

Police later took some of the men into custody. Two of them where flown to a different hospital in Houston for their injuries.

The extent of those injuries is still unknown.

Officers are collecting evidence at the home, and said they found drugs inside.

Neighbors in the area said they are worried about the shooting that happened so close to their own home.

"It's so shocking, I can't believe it. It's like, this is a peaceful side right here. Hardly any crime at all," Whitney Williams said.

"Right now, we have everybody that we are looking for. So we're going to start doing interviews and hopefully get to the bottom of what happened and figure out exactly what cause the altercation take place in the first place," Lt. Steve Dorris, Baytown Police Department, said.

Police are now waiting on a search warrant to go inside the house and process the scene.

There's no word on what charges the men will be facing.

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