University of Houston students stage anti-Trump protest outside campus library

HOUSTON – Students at the University of Houston main campus staged a protest Monday to display their disapproval of President-elect Donald Trump.

“We are walking out against racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia and xenophobia,” a spokesperson said in a news release.

The protest was planned for noon to “show students who feel threatened by a Trump presidency that we stand against hate and refuse to normalize the divisive sentiments currently threatening our communities.”

The organizers of the protest demanded that the university’s administration make a statement by joining its minority students and encouraging an open dialogue.

"We want the university administration to take a stand and make a statement against (bigotry), ensuring that the University of Houston will be a safe space for these communities that feel threatened," Maria Trevino Rodriguez, a student and Vice President of "The Youth Empowerment Alliance," said.

UH has responded to KPRC2 with a statement from UH Diversity and Inclusion Statement:

"The University of Houston embraces diversity and recognizes our responsibility to foster an open, welcoming environment where students, faculty and staff of all backgrounds can collaboratively learn, work and serve. We value the academic, social, and broader community benefits that arise from a diverse campus and are committed to equity, inclusion and accountability. 

"Diversity enriches our university community and is a driving force instrumental to our institutional success and fulfillment of the university’s mission.  We commit to engaging in an ongoing dialogue to thoughtfully respond to the changing realities of our increasingly interconnected world.

"We will continually strive to work together to address the challenges of the future in a way that removes barriers to success and promotes a culture of inclusivity, compassion and mutual respect. The competencies gained through diverse experiences across campus prepare all of our students, staff and faculty to thrive personally and professionally in a global society."

Dozens of students could be seen marching outside the MD Anderson Library off of Calhoun Road. Many held signs and waved gay-pride flags while chanting and raising their fists in the air.

A small number of people showed up to protest the protest and support President-elect Trump, including student Gabe Grant, who wore a hat that read "Make America Great Again."

"They think he's against Hispanics, immigrants and black people. They think he's racist, sexist and homophobic. All that's not true," Grant said.

The protest appeared to be peaceful.