Police investigating video showing mother berating son for Trump vote at school

HOUSTON – Fort Bend County's sheriff officer has summed up a video of a mother harshly kicking her son out of the house because he voted for Trump at school as "absolutely disgusting."

Sheriff Troy Nehls said he was shocked by the video and has ensured that the child is now safe. Detectives has visited the child Friday night to make sure he was safe, Nehls said. 

In the video, you could hear the mother shouting at the boy.

"Ah, ah. And your suitcase is packed by the door. Been packed since this morning."

It's a video that some people may find tough to watch.

The mother posted the video to her Facebook page, which got shared nearly 200,000 times.

It eventually made its way to Child Protective Services, Fort Bend Independent School District and the Sheriff's Office.

The mother in the video has claimed to detectives that it was a joke since posting the video on Facebook, deputies said. The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said it is taking the matter seriously.   

"The video is very disturbing," said Sheriff Troy Nehls, who said he has received phone calls from around the country, and from as far away as France, where people are demanding justice. "After viewing the video, my heart breaks for what this poor child endured."

"If we can find a criminal violation of law, I will personally arrest her myself," Nehls said.

He said Fort Bend County District Attorney John Healey will determine if criminal charges will be filed.

My office is certainly aware of the very disturbing video of a child being berated simply because he voted for Trump in...

Posted by Sheriff Troy E. Nehls on Saturday, November 12, 2016

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