3 cats turn up dead in Fort Bend County neighborhood

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas – Deputies are investigating after three cats were found dead in the Greatwood subdivision in the last several days.

Two cats were found on Azalea Bend and a third was found on Timber Ridge Trail.

Deputies said one of the cats was beaten to death and that is being investigated as a cruelty case, but the cause of death of the other two cats isn’t as clear. It’s possible those two were attacked by a wild animal -- it’s yet to be determined.

“It was very shocking,” said Malick Ba, whose family’s cat was one of the animals found dead.

Domino was a large black and white cat who was discovered dead and missing a leg outside the family’s home.

“I thought, probably, somebody did it,” Ba told KPRC.

Ba called the sheriff’s office to report the incident because after seeing the animal and how he was killed, Ba thinks a person is responsible.

“Very upsetting, very scary. We have been living here six years,” he said.

“We never seen something bad like that.”

One Greatwood resident told KPRC she isn’t allowing her kids to play outside until she knows more about how these cats were killed.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office has beefed up patrols in the area, adding both uniformed and non-uniformed deputies to the streets while they continue to investigate.