Heavy police presence reported in north Houston

HOUSTON – A heavy police presence was reported Thursday near 803 Crosstimbers Street in north Houston after reports that a man with a gun was shooting at cars, according to police.

The call came in to police around 3:30 p.m.

Police said the man shooting at vehicles was taken into custody. He had a gunshot wound to his leg. It's not clear if it was self-inflicted at this time, according to police.

"I was coming down Crosstimbers heading to Busick and I heard shooting. Pop pop and I looked that way to the motel and I seen people kind of scurrying kind of quickly. Next thing I heard was a thump on my vehicle, I heard a thump," Willie Bailey said.

The wounded man was seen being taken by ambulance from the scene with a bandage on his leg.

Fortunately, no one else was shot, from what police could tell.

Around the same time, police received another call about possible shots fired at a motel about a block away from the Crosstimbers location.

Police aren't saying if the two scenes are related.