Nurse impersonator roams freely at Memorial Hermann Hospital

HOUSTON – An internal memo sent to staff at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital claimed Salama Guervara, a former volunteer, was impersonating a nurse in the intensive care unit on Monday night.

The memo, from a security manager, said the woman, whose photo was attached to the memo, wore black scrubs and appeared in the emergency room Monday night.

The note said she claimed she was sent from the ICU to, in the words of the document, to “help out” and start IVs.

The note to the staff said she was not wearing a badge.

But it also said she shadowed a nurse for several hours, went into patient rooms with the nurse, and freely walked in and out of the nursing stations.

The memo said the woman did not touch any patients.

The memo instructed employees to immediately call security if they see her again. They said she no longer works at the hospital and her badge access is denied.

A spokesperson for Memorial Hermann said, "We can also confirm that the individual did not have any interaction with any of our patients or guests. Ensuring the safest environment possible is a top priority and, as such, our security team is actively investigating.”