Missing pregnant woman found at Walmart in Humble

The woman was found in the bathroom, police said

HUMBLE, Texas – A pregnant woman who was reported missing Monday in Humble was found at a Walmart store Tuesday.

Jessica Van Raub was found in the bathroom at the store, police said.

She was taken to the hospital to be checked out, family friends said. Police said she appeared to be in good condition.

Police said Van Raub , who is nine months pregnant, was scheduled to have her labor induced when she went missing.

“I want her back that's for sure, and I want my baby," said Jace Fellman, Van Raub's boyfriend and father of the  child. “She was leaving to go get gas, and when she got back, we were supposed to leave to go to the hospital.”

Fellman said they searched the area and several hospitals Monday and found Van Raub's SUV at a dialysis center on FM 1960, but no sign of Van Raub.

The bag Van Raub was going to take to the hospital was found inside the car.

“She seemed like she was OK, maybe a little nervous because she was older and going have a baby, but other than that, she seemed excited about it,” Fellman said.

Police and family members were concerned about Van Raub and her son's safety.

“The danger is that she is nine months pregnant and the baby would be in danger if she doesn't get medical attention,” a police spokesperson said.