Spring High School janitor arrested, charged in deadly hit-and-run

SPRING, Texas – A Spring High School janitor was arrested Thursday in connection with a deadly hit-and-run in December.

Jack Massey, 54, made his first court appearance overnight, charged with failure to stop and render aid.

Investigators said Massey hit and killed 22-year-old Gregory Davies and kept going.

[Family pleas for justice after son fatally struck in hit-and-run accident]

“It's an emotional thing for our family,” said the victim's father, Richard Davies. "We were out there for five months searching for this guy's car.” 

It was the families hard work that helped lead deputies to the arrest.

“My wife was out there constantly, putting out fliers and posters and stuff like that,” Davies said. “She finally spotted the vehicle back in April in the faculty parking lot at Spring High School.” 

Massey was in a courtroom Friday, handcuffed and in an orange jumpsuit. He asked the judge, “Can I bail out today?” The judge replied he had a bond of $30,000.

Prosecutors said investigators found car parts at the scene of the crash last December and determined it matched Massey's Audi A4.

Massey allegedly told investigators he hit “a large piece of concrete” in the same area. However, prosecutors said the damage to the car was consistent with the crash.

“You hit something heavy. If he's going to claim he hit concrete, why didn't you stop and get out of your car and look?” Richard Davies said.

The Davies family was relieved, hoping soon their son can rest in peace.

“It brings it all back really. That's why I'm hurting right now, but we'll find justice for our son and hopefully for all those that did not get justice in their cases,” Richard Davies said.

Spring Independent School District has not yet made a statement about the allegations, or the arrest.