Simone Biles signs autographs in The Heights


HOUSTON – Spring’s Simone Biles, the five-time Olympic medalist, wowed the world with her stunning performances during the Summer Games in Rio.

It’s been full speed for her ever since.

From TV talk shows, to hobnobbing with celebrities at some of the biggest events in Hollywood, to the Tour of Gymnastics Champions, Biles is a household name.

“I'm definitely on the road a lot more. There's a lot more people noticing me, too. Things like going out to eat aren't as easy. Going through the airport isn't as easy. It's all well-deserved, I think,” Biles said.

We spoke exclusively to the pint-size gymnast at the autograph session she was hosting for fans at the Kroger store in The Heights.

The first 250 guests in line got wristbands.

Fans took pictures with her and walked away with a signed photo card.

Biles said touring has been amazing, and we asked the question that’s been on everyone’s mind: Will she compete in the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo?

“Hopefully. We'll see. It's a long shot. We still have time for me to prepare for it, so I will take the year off just so I can focus on the tour and everything else, because it's hard traveling and training 100 percent,” Biles said.

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