Police: Desai had a prior run-in with police

Houston police released more details Wednesday about the arsenal they found in Weslayan shooter Nathan Desai's condo.

"We found  a .45 semiautomatic,  9mm handgun, 30-30 rifle, along with additional  ammo, a  body armor and gas mask," said Houston Police Homicide Capt. Dwayne Ready.

HPD said the preliminary autopsy on Desai shows he was was struck six times during the shootout with police.

Monday morning was not Desai's first encounter with police. HPD came to his complex Aug. 4.

"We talked to the workers here that were putting the roof on. They said a man was on the third floor, that he had a rifle up there and was looking at them. Not that he pointed it at them but he was looking at them," said Art Ellis, the homeowners association president at The Oaks at West University.

Ellis says Desai was the man with a gun.

"It was worrying them because they were getting ready to go past his unit to get to the roof again," Ellis said.

Ellis, a retired HPD officer himself, called police and went with an officer to Desai's condo.

Ellis says Desai cursed the officer, but eventually calmed down and said he thought the workers were burglars.

"The officer asked him 'well are you gonna stay inside and not come out again? He said 'I will not go out again as long as I know what it is,'" Ellis recalled.

Ellis says the roofers did not want to press charges. The HOA fined Desai $25 for brandishing the weapon.