Restaurant Report Card: Cockroaches, slime among infractions by area eateries

HOUSTON – In this week’s Restaurant Report Card, we begin at Mila’s Taqueria Mexico at 3240 Fondren, where the Houston Health Department noted a cockroach infestation.

Inspectors said they found roaches in the kitchen area and ordered that restaurant owners immediately bring in professional exterminators to quell the problem.

Up next, we travel to Chao Long Thang Mo, located at 11513 Bellaire Boulevard, where inspectors wrote the place up after observing rodent droppings in the lobby.

At the Clear Lake Hunan Restaurant on Clear Lake City Boulevard, Health Department watchdogs found an insect problem.

First, they discovered both live and dead roaches in different parts of the restaurant.

Second, they found three cans of Raid Roach Killer, which they ordered restaurant employees not to use.

Instead, the Health Department called for restaurant owners to hire professional bug killers to wipe out insects on their property.

At Clear Lake Hunan Restaurant we spoke to manager Delon Fan who told us the roach problem has been fixed.

Mr. Fan also showed us several pages of work orders from Terminex, proving they are now bringing in professional help.

We move to Pei Wei Asian Diner at 702 Kingwood Drive in Kingwood, where inspectors found slime in the ice machine.

Next, on to the sandwich kings at Jason’s Deli at 11081 Westheimer, where again there were problems with the ice.

There inspectors found the ice machine contaminated with yellow slime.

And at The Crawfish Pot And Oyster Bar at 9820 Gulf Freeway, inspectors found another frosty problem with, yes, slime in the ice machine.

Finally we raise our margaritas to the legendary Little Pappasitos on Richmond for grilling up a perfect health inspection report.

That means they get our coveted A+ rating and a big burrito boooo-yaaaah!

Congratulations to the hard working staff at Little Pappasitos.

File: RRC 081116