Family claims dog was not healthy after stay at Seabrook pet hotel

HOUSTON – It's an image that may be difficult for some to look at, and it's making the rounds on social media.

The dog's name is Cocoa and her owners say this is the result of an 18-day boarding stay at the Magestic Pet Hotel and Boutique in Seabrook while they were on vacation.

"It's heartbreaking to trust somebody with your dog and get her back like that," Cocoa's owner Amy Kuykendall said.

While the family is outraged by their pet's condition, the owner of the business says the dog was fine while she was boarded.

"All of the feeding was given as directed. Saw the dog play on a daily basis," Dr. Nancy Adams, veterinarian and facility owner, said.

Instead, the owner offered another reason for Cocoa's appearance.

"It is a long-haired German shepherd that she had shaved down. And when you take 4 inches of hair off of the body, I think that can make a difference in the appearance of a pet, too," Adams said.

"If that dog looked OK to that vet, she needs her license pulled," Cocoa's owner Dan Krieger said.

For now, the family says their focus is on getting Cocoa healthy again. The family has no plans of sending her back to the pet hotel, despite the vet's offer to check her out.

"I offered to see her today and talk with her today. And we had an appointment on the books today and no one show up for that appointment," Adams said.

"It's not going to happen. I wouldn't take a stuffed animal in there for her to look," Kuykendall said.

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