Disturbances force recess during city council meeting over police shooting of Alva Braziel

HOUSTON – The Houston City Council Chambers was cleared for about 10 minutes Tuesday after a disturbance during the council meeting.

The wife of Alva Braziel, Nikki Braziel, yelled at the council members.

Police shot and killed Alva Braziel last month after they said he pointed a gun officers. Nikki Braziel accused police of murder.

Police in the chambers instructed protesters to sit down or be removed. Soon, the meeting recessed for 10 minutes because of the disturbance.

Before the recess, one speaker said, "The only thing that’s gonna change is we're going to call a murder a murder, regardless of who (is) doing the killing."

Earlier, outside City Hall, several groups demanded changes to the city’s police body camera policy. Some want the body cameras to always to remain on.
Activist Gerry Ford, Jr. said, "Right now, they can turn the cameras on and off whenever they like. We feel like that defeats the entire purpose of the cameras. Because the entire purpose of the policy is for us to see the footage before the shooting, and (to) see the entire altercation."

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said the city has been transparent.

"We have taken the initiative to put forth everything we had. Good, bad, or indifferent. What we have, I gave HPD the order to put it out there. People have seen that. And I will continue to do just that," Turner said.

Protesters also demanded the release of body camera footage within 24 hours of police-involved shootings. They also want the city to create a new police review board with the power to subpoena witnesses and prosecute. However, the city already has an independent police oversight board.