Get free wings on National Chicken Wing Day

Buffalo wings will give you somewhere between 90 and 120calories per wing, depending on where they came from. You'll get around 4 grams of fat in total and 265mg of sodium. (FreeImages.com/Danilo Takano)

HOUSTON – Forget about the utensils and plan on eating with your hands today, because it's National Chicken Wing Day.

Hot, BBQ, Cajun style...people love their chicken wings with different sauces. How do you like your wings?

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According to the National Chicken Council, an estimated 28 billion traditional bone-in chicken wings are expected to be eaten in 2016. Some 1.3 billion are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday, alone. 

So where can you snag some deals on National Chicken Wing Day? Here's a list:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings is offering half-priced wings
  • Hooters is offering all-you-can-eat traditional wings and boneless wings for $14.99 and $12.99, respectively. Prices may vary by location.
  • Get five free classic or boneless wings at Wingstop between 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.