CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Puppy abandoned by owner in NW Harris County

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Surveillance cameras caught a man dumping a puppy on the side of a street in Northwest Harris County and driving away.

“That's terrifying because she's helpless,” Susana Salazar said.

When Salazar spotted a van outside her home on Trail Valley Thursday night, she didn't have a good feeling. Her surveillance cameras confirmed it.

“I noticed the individual getting out of his vehicle, putting the dog out and leaving it. I noticed the puppy was just looking around, looking for him and walking across the street,” Salazar said.

Salazar ran to save the black Great Dane-mix puppy, which was only about 8-10 weeks old.

“She was just full of life, very happy and had a blast playing with my dogs inside,” Salazar said.

The staff at Veterans Memorial Animal Hospital stepped in and cared for the pup for free.

Lola's Lucky Day dog rescue was ready to find a new, loving owner.

While Salazar was thankful for the help, she wanted the man who abandoned the puppy to know there are other, humane options.

“(He could have) taken her to a shelter or contacted someone that maybe wanted to adopt another puppy, rather than just dumping her on the street and just leaving her to fend for herself,” she said.

The puppy was expected to stay at Veterans Memorial Animal Hospital where she'll undergo a medical evaluation.

The rescue organization's staff plans to take her to Wisconsin next week.

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