3 flags stolen from park dedicated to military veterans

HOUSTON – Pecan Grove community members are upset after three important flags went missing from a veteran memorial park in their neighborhood.

Plantation Memorial Park is a park dedicated to military veterans. At some point this week, someone stole an American flag, a Texas flag and a POW flag right off their poles.

“It gets me very angry, because it’s just ridiculous!” said Resident John Minchew.

It’s especially upsetting to Minchew, since he himself is a veteran. “It’s just sad,” Minchew said. “It seems like it’s happening more and more.”

He is now raising money for a reward that will be offered to anyone with information on who stole the flags. He and other residents would like to see them returned to the park as soon as possible.

“It’s for our vets, and that's what it was meant for, that is who we built it for and that is what it needs to remain,” Minchew said.

“It's kind of a travesty, because our community tries to keep vandalism down and everything like that, but it’s just going to cost our park services even more money,” Resident Luke Smith said.