Shelter-in-place lifted after chemical emergency in Baytown


BAYTOWN – Baytown officials issued a shelter-in-place for about an hour Sunday after reports of an ExxonMobil pipeline leak. It has since been lifted. 

Authorities said the chemical was heavier than air and non-toxic. However,  officials said it was extremely flammable.

The shelter-in-place impacted homes in the 5500 block between Park and Arbor streets.

Workers are bleeding the lines now to avoid any fire hazards. 

At least three houses near the leak were evacuated. It was strongly requested other residents stay inside their homes during the chemical emergency. 

Exxon Mobil released the following statement on the situation:

"ExxonMobil Pipeline Company has shut down two chemical product pipelines in Baytown this morning to investigate a release. We are working with local emergency responders and closely with local officials to ensure the safety of the public. We are continuing to investigate the source of the release."

KPRC will provide updates when they become available.

The City of Baytown said there is no danger in the immediate area.

No injuries have been reported in connection to the chemical leak.