'Camp For All' brings outdoor activities to children cancer patients forced to stay in hospital

HOUSTON – MD Anderson's Children's Cancer Center offers treatments to kids with the most advanced stages of childhood cancer. While they are being treated, most of the time, the children can't even leave the hospital.

That's where "Camp For All" comes in.

This camp brings the outdoors inside, they have archery, face painting, and anything else you would find at summer camp for the kids at MD Anderson.

Ava Gallien is used to telling people she's a leukemia patient but this week she's not focused on that.

"There's a bunch of new people to play with and a bunch of new things I've never done before," Ava said at camp Friday.

"This week we are at MD Anderson bringing camp to kids who are unable to come to our campsite," Allen McBride with Camp for All said. "We're doing canoeing, fishing, archery, all those fun things the kids are unable to do."

Allen Mcbride says you see the friends and memories kids are making. That means they're forgetting about all of the other hospital concerns they have and for now,  it's helping little girls like Ava pass the time.

"When it's camp time it's always fun but when it's not, it's not really that much fun because there's not really that much to do," Ava said. "This is my last time in the hospital! I usually come every week but soon I'll be coming every month."

The camp welcomes former patients, patients' brothers and sisters as well as kids of parents getting treatment every spring break and summer.