Bastille Day Party in Houston takes somber tone after tragedy in Nice, France


HOUSTON – A Bastille Day party in Houston took a more somber tone after the terrible tragedy in Nice, France, that claimed the lives of at least 77 people, according to French officials.

The celebration had been in planning for months, but organizers with The Village School in the Memorial area, made a last minute change after learning about the attack.

The music and dancing were cancelled, and instead, guests gathered to reflect about what is happening at home.

“Our hearts are broken. We’re making this a little more of a somber event,” Gabriella Rowe, head of The Village School, said.

Jean Francois Bonnete is French but has lived in Houston since 1997.

"It's like a nightmare that never ends," Bonnete said.

He is raising his family in Houston but still travels to France once a month for business.

Bonnete was glued to the television and radio today — trying to get as much information as possible. He has many friend in Nice that he can’t get a hold of.

"It's very difficult for us, when we live abroad, to see our country under attack," Bonnete said.

A Bastille Day party in Houston took on a more somber tone after the terrible attack in Nice, France. Guests were supposed to have music & dancing ...instead, they gatherd to remember their friends and family back home.

Posted by Jennifer Bauer on Thursday, July 14, 2016