Dentist admits to drugging, molesting teen, lawsuit claims

HOUSTON – A local dentist has found himself in the middle of a disturbing civil lawsuit.

Joshua Robbins is accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl. The girl is now 18.

Robbins was a family friend, and according to the girl's attorney, James Moriarty, she was unaware this had even happened to her. Moriarty says it all came to light after Robbins admitted to a therapist who’d been counseling him on some marital issues, that he had drugged and molested the teen.

The counselor immediately reported it to the authorities.

Robbins never mentioned her by name, but investigators put two and two together and figured out who she was after interviewing the staff at Robbins’ dental practice, Southeast Texas Children’s Dentistry in New Caney.

The authorities then notified the girl and her parents.

According to the civil lawsuit, back in 2014, Robbins went to the girl's home when he knew her parents and sisters weren’t home, drugged her flavored water drink and then challenged her to a contest to see who could drink the fastest. Court papers say she became woozy and was unable to stand and that’s when Robbins carried her to her bedroom and molested her.

“This just doesn't happen by accident. The indications that I have, the investigation that I've done, is this fellow is potentially a serial predator,” Moriarty said.

The state board of dental examiners suspended Robbins' license.

An attorney who is part of the firm representing Robbins said they are not in a position to make a statement on the case right now.

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