Police: Loomis employee stole nearly $100,000 from ATM deliveries

HOUSTON – Police have pressed aggregate theft charges against Aaron Dejuan Harris after they say an investigation determined he was responsible for taking between $30,000 and $150,000 in cash from the armored vehicle company Loomis.

Harris, 37, was charged with the felony after a loss prevention manager at Loomis Armored US began an investigation to find out how $40,000 was unaccounted for. The manager noticed two separate times $20,000 was unaccounted for from ATM drop-offs on April 4 and April 23.

When the manager confronted Harris on May 9 about the incident, Harris said, "I quit," and walked out of his office.

The manager then concluded his investigation and determined Harris was responsible for the theft.

Upon further investigation, the manager determined Harris allegedly stole more money than was first discovered missing.

The manager adjusted the findings after learning Harris was responsible for replenishing ATMs and collecting residual cash within them. Loomis would supply Harris with a bag of cash that was supposed to be deposited into ATMs. Harris would sign a manifest stating he received the bag and how much cash was inside. Harris was then supposed to go to an ATM, remove the cash from the machine and place that residual cash in a sealed bag. Harris was then supposed to deposit the money from Loomis into the ATM.

The manager's investigation allegedly determined Harris was responsible for much more missing money.

Police say Harris is responsible for the missing cash on these dates:

March 26: $3,461
April 4: $20,000
April 14: $3,980
April 20: $2,200
April 23: $20,000
April 25: $20,000
May 7: $26,153
TOTAL: $95,794