Typhoon Texas Water Park shuts down lock-in after guests get too rowdy

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KATY, Texas – Several families were forced to leave a Christian lock-in at Typhoon Texas Water Park Friday night after chaos erupted, according to a group of Katy parents.

According to several Facebook accounts, several lock-in attendees became too rowdy and forced water park employees to call the Katy Police Department. 

Emily Tiras, 16, was one of thousands of teen who paid to attend the event.  She said when she arrived with her friends everything seemed fine, but later in the night many of the teens started acting crazy. 

[VIDEO: Dozens of teens overfill pools at Typhoon Texas Water Park]

“It was insane,” Tiras said. “They were stampeding behind us, in front of us and people were throwing tubes.”

At one point things got so out of hand in the lazy river, Tiras said someone pushed her, which made her scrape her chin against the cement in the pool.  She had to go the hospital to get stitches. 

“It makes me extremely mad and it also makes me extremely cautious,” Tiras said.

Many parents and teens also reported that people were smoking marijuana in the park.