Fatal motorcycle accident leaves 5 children without parents

HOUSTON – It's a family outing Wanda Kidd will never forget.

She's now coping with the devastating loss of her nephew, an Iraq war veteran, and his wife, who was in the Air Force.

"I've read about this and heard about this from people. I think it's the hardest thing you ever have to do," Kidd said.

Henry "Lee" Richardson and his wife, Leeann, were riding a motorcycle that was split in two after crashing into a truck. Investigators say the truck pulled out in front of them on Highway 105 Saturday night.

The crash killed both of them. The mother and father leave behind five children under the age of 12.

"Once we broke it to them, we were in a nightmare, with children," Kidd said.

The family was a blended one, with children from each parent's previous marriage.

Andy they were growing.

Two of the kids they were caring for were another relative's, and they were about to finalize adoption of them.

"They loved children, all these children. They were just remarkable with these babies," Kidd said.

While some of the kids are too young to understand what happened, the family says they're relying on each other and comfort from the community to get through this incredibly tough time.

"This couple was meant to be. They both had a heart of gold. If you didn't shed a tear for either one of them, you didn't know them," Kidd said.

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