Some families evacuate, others fight to stay put during record-level flooding in Brazoria County

BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas – The rain was on and off again Friday in Brazoria County, where hundreds of residents are fearful of more intense flooding.

"I've talked to all the neighbors who've been here 20 years plus and have never seen it like that before,” resident Clarence Robertson said.

Robertson’s home was impacted by the flooding.

As the water levels continue to rise, parts of Rosharon and surrounding communities are under a mandatory evacuation that continues to grow.

Dozens of families had to be rescued by boat with all they could grab.

Gloria Onken and her family were among those who evacuated.

"It's exhausting, we're tired. Been here since 8 o'clock this morning," Onken said.

Besides the relentless rain, Rosharon residents living downstream were concern about the swollen Brazos River. Richard Allen has been rescuing families from its quickly rising waters.

"Within 2 hours 4 feet of water, Allen said. “I'm trying to tell people once it breaches the road like this, it'll be in your house within hour."

While many people evacuated, a few others spent the day bagging sand and doing what they can to keep the water out of their homes. But many admitted they planned to leave if push came to shove.

Sharon Robertson has been keeping a close eye on the flood waters.

"In the event the water is coming into the yard we will evacuate. We have no problem doing what we need to do to get to safety," She said.

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