New details revealed in arrest of suspect in Josue Flores slaying

HOUSTON – Houston police revealed new details Saturday about the suspect charged in the murder of 11-year-old Josue Flores, who was stabbed to death while walking home from school.

Andre Jackson, 27, is charged with murder. Police said Jackson was arrested at the Salvation Army on North Main Street Friday afternoon.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office requested a $100,000 bail.

Jackson is expected to appear before a judge sometime Saturday.

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In a news conference, Mayor Sylvester Turner thanked the community for providing valuable information during the process of finding the suspect.

"I hope today's announcement can perhaps bring a little bit of comfort to those who love Josue," Mayor Turner said. "I hope it will also ease the fears of the community."

District Attorney Devon Anderson said, "We have the right man. We are looking forward to prosecuting him and seeking justice on behalf of Josue."

Investigators credit the community for helping to identify Jackson as the suspect.

"When we put out the call for people to look at their surveillance video, we received information about more video, Lt. John McGalin said. "We went and found it and that video led us to the identification of the suspect."

McGalin said Jackson had been staying at the Salvation Army on North Main Street, not far from where Josue was killed.

"He had been there since mid-April," McGalin said. "We verified that he had a room at the Salvation Army. We went in and found him and arrested him at the Salvation Army."

Houston police said the Salvation Army is cooperating with the investigation and working to see what changes need to be made in the future.

During questioning, Jackson acknowledged he is the man seen on surveillance video running away on Fulton Street on May 17, the same day the boy was stabbed to death.

According to Jackson's criminal history, he was charged with trespassing in March 2016 and unlawful carrying of a weapon in May 2015.

Detectives said they have not found any connection between the suspect, who served as a Marine before being discharged in 2011, and Josue.

Investigators did recover the distinctive jacket seen being worn by the suspect in surveillance video.

"He still had it in his possession," Lt. McGalin said.

Anderson said she feels confident she can secure a conviction against Jackson.

"We hope to get to see him in court one day," Guadalupe Flores, Josue's sister, said. "If not, and if justice doesn't get served here, it will be served with God."

Police said they believe the 11-year-old was killed at 4:40 p.m. on May 17. A man, fitting the suspect’s description, was seen running at 4:44 p.m. in the area of north Main near Fulton, the same area of Josue’s murder.

“This is about him taking my little brother's life away and he needs to be put in that court chair and he needs to realize what he did wasn't right,” Lupita Flores said.