VIDEO: Man loses it over parking spot at Houston Walmart

The man smashes the woman's cell phone on the ground

HOUSTON – Don't you hate it when you are aimlessly driving around a parking lot to find a spot, then when you finally find one, someone else grabs it? Sure, you get frustrated. Sure, it's annoying and rude. But one man at Houston Walmart decided to confront the other driver who took his spot.

A KPRC 2 viewer captured a driver who lost it when a female driver took the parking spot for which he had been waiting at the Walmart on Duvale.

"I was in the truck when I turned around and heard a lot of drama," said Wanda, who asked that her last name not be used.

Two drivers were waiting for a parking spot. The driver of a white car pulled out, and Wanda said she promised another driver the spot.

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Wanda said the driver of a gray truck did not care that the spot was for someone else. She didn't move. She drove up, which angered the driver had been promised the spot.

All of a sudden, a man with a bat is seen walking up to the gray truck.

"It was scary. As soon as other drivers saw the man with a bat, they started to back up," Wanda said. She said she thought the man was going to come out with a gun when the woman in the gray truck took his spot.

The man with the bat started to yell at the woman in the gray truck. He grabbed her cellphone from her hands, smashed it on the ground and walked away.

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Wanda said the driver in the gray truck should have respected the fact that the spot had been claimed by someone else.