Indictments returned after internal affairs investigation into Harris County Sheriff's Office

Grand jury returns 3 indictments


HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A grand jury returned three indictments on one former and one current employee with the Harris County Sheriff's Office Thursday, according to department officials.

Two indictments were returned on a former Harris County Sheriff’s deputy and one indictment was returned on a current HCSO detention officer.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs Division presented their complete findings to the District Attorney’s Office, seeking the grand jury’s indictments.

Former Deputy Cee Carsten was indicted on two counts of tampering with a government document for knowingly and intentionally submitting false information on a Harris County Sheriff’s offense report.

Detention Officer Donald John-Miller was indicted on criminal charges after an assault of an inmate who was in the custody of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Detention Facility.

Detention Officer Miller is suspended with pay during the ongoing IAD investigation. Former Deputy Cee Carsten was terminated in September of 2015.

“I will continue to hold our employees to the highest standards of conduct and behavior.” sheriff Ron Hickman said. “The Grand Jury’s decision is confirmation that our investigative and disciplinary process works.”