Restaurant Report Card: Roaches dead, alive on the menu at a popular food joint

HOUSTONBrooklyn Meatball Company, inside the Houston Center at 1200 McKinney, is known for serving all kinds of tasty dishes involving meatballs. However, the restaurant is in trouble this week with health inspectors for storing meat sauce at dangerous temperatures.

The law states foods must be kept at 41 degrees or lower, but the meat sauce at Brooklyn Meatball Company was measured at 51-degrees and inspectors say that can make you sick.

Stop number two is the popular Tornado Taco on Long Point Road, known for its fantastic street tacos, inspectors wrote-up the place for not removing dead bugs. The Health Department found dead roaches in the chemical storage room.

The order given to managers at the taco shop: get rid of those bugs immediately.

At LA Crawfish on Blalock more creepy roach problems.

The restaurant in trouble for not sweeping up roach carcasses from the kitchen.

The dead bugs were found under the kitchen’s hand washing sink and on the wall above the sink.
Workers told KPRC 2 they cleaned up the problem and brought in pest control experts.

Say it isn’t so!

The Original OKRA Charity Saloon at 924 Congress condemned for 1,000 pounds of ice found contaminated with black biofilm.

The ice had to be tossed out, but the bar does do great work for charity, contributing all profits to local charities.

And Hot Dog!

James Coney Island at 530 Meyerland Plaza is where inspectors found soda nozzles coated with — you guessed it — black slime.

The restaurant was ordered to clean that stuff up right away.

This week, we are pleased to award our A-plus rating to Panda Buffet located on Long Point Road for achieving a perfect inspection report.

Congratulations to the team at Panda Buffet!

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