Conroe residents forced to evacuate during Memorial Day weekend floods

CONROE, Texas – Several residents from the River Plantation subdivision in Conroe had to evacuate their homes Saturday morning as flood waters started seeping in.

“I’m in shock that there is this much water and it happened overnight,” said resident Diane Fox.  “It’s crazy!”

Fortunately, her house is a couple blocks from the water and she doesn’t think it will flood.

On the other hand, resident Jimmy Vick said his house already has at least two feet of water inside.

Vick packed up several of his belongings and evacuated Saturday afternoon.

“We got some clothes, some food and water and then my girlfriend got the dogs,” Vick said.

Boats evacuated many residents — even a batch of puppies — for much of the day Saturday.

The ground in Conroe was so saturated, at one point residents say the weight of a fire truck created a small sink hole on one street.

At this point it’s anyone’s guess as to when the water will recede.

“I hope this is the worst of it. They say it’s going to rain next week, but I hope not,” said Fox.

The American Red Cross has a shelter open for evacuees at the First United Methodist Conroe at 4308 West Davis.

No pets are allowed, but residents can drop their pets off at the Conroe Animal Adoption Center or the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.