Trio arrested, charged with aggravated robbery, College Station police say

Cops: Victor Chapman, Devante Hudson, Devin Conrad arrested

Victor Chapman, Devante Hudson, Devin Conrad

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Three people have been arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated robbery, College Station police said.

Officers responded at 2:39 p.m. May 10 to a robbery in the parking lot of a Chase Bank at 2000 Texas Ave. in College Station.

College Station police said officers met with a 43-year-old man who said he had just left the bank and was walking to his vehicle when he saw a white Dodge Charger parked behind his vehicle.

The victim told police he walked around the Charger and got into the driver’s seat of his own vehicle, and then two people approached from the Charger. Police said one of them broke the driver's window of the victim's car, and then opened the driver door and displayed a knife.

The robber then took the victim's wallet, police said. The victim was not hurt.

Both people got back into the Charger and fled the area. Police said officers searched the area, but were unable to find them.

Using security cameras in the area, the Charger was found at two major intersections within College Station on May 10, police said.

College Station police detectives discovered a similar crime happened at Chase Bank parking lots in Baytown on May 11, Houston on May 15 and Bryan on May 17. Police said all three of the incidents had the same vehicle and robber descriptions.

On Monday, Houston police investigators came across the trio and witnessed them commit a robbery at a Chevron gas station in Fort Bend County, police said. A vehicle chase ensued, which resulted in the three crashing their car, then fleeing the area on foot.

All three suspects, identified as Victor Chapman, Devante Hudson and Devin Conrad, were caught and arrested, police said. They were each charged with two counts of aggravated robbery.

College Station detectives interviewed the trio Tuesday in Fort Bend County and were able to determine that Conrad, who is the owner of the Charger, conspired with Hudson and Chapman to commit the aggravated robbery in the parking lot of Chase Bank in College Station that happened on May 10, College Station police said.

Detectives say that the three committed several other crimes, including robberies in Houston, Baytown and a theft from a person in the parking lot of the Chase Bank in Bryan, police said.

Detectives obtained warrants for Chapman, Hudson and Conrad accused them of the robbery of two victims in the parking lot of Chase Bank in College Station. Police said those warrants were served on the three while they were incarcerated in the Fort Bend County Jail.

Chapman, Hudson and Conrad were given a $250,000 bond for each count of the robbery, totaling $500,000.