Rain returns fresh, painful flood memories for Meyerland residents

HOUSTON – Brays Bayou rose after Saturday afternoon rainfall, but didn’t come near the top of the banks in Meyerland.

Rain did flood streets nearby and came into neighbors’ front yards.

“It was all the way into the middle of the yard,” Christine Reed, who lives in Meyerland, said Saturday night.

Her home flooded last Memorial Day and the water has come too close for comfort three other times since then, including Saturday.

“Four times in less than a year. I’ve lived here 30 years. It’s worrisome,” she said.

Along Waterhole Bayou, the floodwaters taunted cars.

Even a tow truck driver became stuck in a homeowner's yard when he tried to go around floodwaters.

“I was following an Avalanche and he started floating. He was ... able to pull over and stop, but ... I went around into these people’s yard by accident. I got stuck in the mud,” Sydney Page, the driver, told Channel 2.

Page was not hurt.