Sheriff clarifies 'go back to Harris County' warning to criminals

Homeowner shoots, kills would-be robber outside home in Fort Bend County

RICHMOND, Texas – The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a homeowner shot a would-be robber multiple times at his home in Richmond.

According to deputies, a homeowner was returning to his house from work and had just pulled into his garage in the 18000 block of Mossy Creek Lane. Investigators said an alleged robber approached him, pulling out a gun and demanding the cash from his wallet.  

The homeowner then reached into his car and pulled out a gun. Deputies said he shot the suspect twice. The owner ran inside and called 911. According to deputies, the homeowner lives with his parents, who are in their 80s.

"The (suspect) ran out of the garage and fell onto the front lawn," Sheriff Troy Nehls said.

Deputies said the suspect — who is believed to be a Hispanic man in his 20s — was pronounced dead.

Nehls said the case is being investigated as an aggravated robbery. Deputies said two weapons were found at the scene, including the homeowner's and the suspect's gun.

Neighbor Nikia Smith and the other residents are glad to hear the homeowner fought back.

"I don't feel sorry for him. I don't feel sorry for him," neighbor Nikia Smith said.